Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fundão: organic skincare brand that is ' ki (with video)

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In June, Green Savers you told him about the ' ki, a natural cosmetic brand launched by Frances Vidal and using products of Cova da Beira. Now, the green economy was personally know Frances and Jorge, the faces of the project, and realize how the ' ki works.

Is in the old market of Fundão that Frances and George spend much of their time â€" and this is where the soul of your brand of craft manufacture. "[A year ago] we made a batch of olive oil SOAP with cinnamon and since then we have tried other products in the region, to make lemon soaps, mint or honey", expicou Frances Vidal to the green economy.

Most of the products ' ki are from serra da Estrela and Gardunha, being marketed online and in nearly a dozen points of sale. The products are made by hand, in small batches, the oils are certified organic and raw materials are nationals.

Francisca explains the use of regional products with the need to "promote local trade and fairer trade". "I know where they come from, the products and the people who produce them. Portugal needs [this kind of initiatives, "said the entrepreneur.

Despite his youth, the ' ki already has fixed suppliers. The honey comes from friends or from the honey House â€" as well as beeswax. The oil comes from a cooperative in the region. The company also uses products of horta and is already experimenting with Basil and Pennyroyal.

See the episode 158 of the green economy.

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