Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The cleaning product made in Portugal that does not use water (with video)

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In the Isodet, a family-owned company founded 14 years ago, all are trained in chemistry. Started by professionals with a wide experience of multinational companies linked to the sector of industrial maintenance and hygiene products, the company has always sought to bring environmental concerns for their products.

The result of these concerns, the company has developed seven years ago, a product washing cars, boats and motorcycles without water, Waterless V8. To use it, simply a packaging and two Microfiber cloths.

"With the spraying, the product does flow dirt to the surface of the plate. That's the secret of the product. He can take the dirt that is in the micropores of the plate, and, to do this, simply pass the cloth under the surface ", explained to the green economy Jorge Antunes, one of the Government leaders of the Isodet, which in 2013 invoiced € 250 000.

"Then, with the first cloth, collect the dirt that was removed from the plate. The second makes polishing cloth and activates a wax product itself, which gives it that glow. And seals the plate ", he continued.

The charge claims that a car needs 165 litres of water to be washed. With this process, the vehicle can be cleaned in its entirety â€" yet, the process becomes more efficient with regular maintenance. "There is no need to be cleaning the bottom many times", Jorge Antunes Government advances.

According to Isodet, if all cars were washed Portuguese, twice a month, by this process, would it be possible to save 6,400 Olympic pools of water per year.

The product is already used in the Portuguese Navy and has been exported to France and North Africa. In the near future, the Isodet aims to create a washing machine that does not use water. It would be an innovation certainly very well-received in Portuguese homes.

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