Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anonymous Arabia installs fridge on the street for delivery of leftovers to charity

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A citizen of the city of Hail, in Saudi Arabia, found an interesting idea to get food to people who need it most and who often have too shy to ask. Thus, this anonymous installed a refrigerator in your neighborhood â€" even in front of your House â€" encouraging people with more possessions to leave meals inside.

The idea came to the international media when the Saudi religious Sheikh Mohammad Al Araifi praised the Act on your Twitter account, adding a picture: "always said that people Hail are generous. A man put a refrigerator in front of the House for the leftovers; an indirect act of charity for those who need it most, "explained the religious, cited by the BBC.

According to the Gulf News, the idea was well received by the followers of Al Araifi on Twitter. "The idea should be adopted and all the great mosques of the country should put refrigerators to carry and distribute food," said one of the followers.

According to the Gulf News, the idea may be exported to Bahrain in June. "It's a great act of charity that can make people happy and satisfied. There's the food factor, but there is also a spiritual dimension, especially during the holy month in which people establish great acts of charity, "explained a citizen of Bahrain to the newspaper.

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