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António Pinto, 17 years: "I will work to manage a multinational company"

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Kicks off today in Lyon, in Matosinhos, summer Summer Spirit, a market developed by a young entrepreneur, António Pinto. Learn more about the man behind this project, only 17 years, and their ambitions for the future.

How did the possibility of organising the summer Summer Spirit? What's the inspiration?

The Summer Spirit Market grew out of the desire to create an initiative that would bring together young brands, mostly Portuguese, with articles devoted to summer, and with a dimension that would allow me to develop organizational and managerial skills.

My inspiration is my great ambition and professional like I have in the areas of economy and business management â€" areas that I intend to follow in the future. How I occupy my free time also reveals a tonic for my creativity. I make a point of encouraging an active lifestyle through participation in activities that I consider to be useful and, above all, constructive for my personal and professional development.

What is the role of Lyons in this whole process?

The Lyon has a strong role in the image you intend to convey, because it has a space with a dynamic that has been launching trends and which gathers all the conditions to perform an event with the nature of the Summer Spirit Market.

I identify with the positioning and the dynamics of Lyons is a space where everything happens and that above all propels the young entrepreneurship, and that has been available to give me all the support I need in various processes. I feel pretty backed up but also count on my strong entrepreneurial spirit that highlights mechanisms of initiative and anti dependency, because I always try to do the job for me with much effort and dedication.

Why aren't there more entrepreneurs with their age?

I believe there are more entrepreneurs with my age, I just think you may be afraid to risk or fail to meet the necessary conditions to carry out their projects. Have partners or even investors is something very important for a young entrepreneur and I believe the young age is a factor that arouses suspicion, unless the project is excellent and if sale for you.

Currently, I feel that young people are increasingly enthusiastic in creating a business or develop projects. We have notion of the values of unemployment that exist, which leads us to face increasingly entrepreneurship as an alternative. I think the perception of risk is really the main concern despite the extensive future for norma young people have ahead of us.

The fact that young people don't want to come out of their comfort zones is also an ingredient that is combined to the economic crisis, the financial burden and the threat of unemployment on young entrepreneurship deterrence.

After this market that other business projects intends to develop?

Right now I'm focused on the Summer Spirit and, in Lyons that enables me to have a great space to implement this initiative. However, it would be interesting to try to bring this market to other stops taking advantage to adopt a model of a market dedicated to winter items, for example. Is a possibility that even I have to study.

In addition I have other personal plans and academics who can open doors for business projects in the future. I'm talking about my ambition to study at the London School of Economics in England, or in San Diego State University, in the United States, which are two of the best universities in the world in the area of economy and management. I'm going to study and work for one day, perhaps, come to manage a multinational company.

What advice would you give to those who have some interesting ideas but sees his age â€" between 12 and 18-as a possible hindrance to their implementation?

The main advice I can give is to never give up. We must believe that it is possible to create and implement projects and differentiators that contribute to boost our creativity, management capacity and autonomy. Some of today's most successful entrepreneurs started by exercising your entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.

It is possible to identify successful entrepreneurs to 12 years began to open their first "enterprises", such as improvised stalls selling lemonade in their streets. Are often those same 12 years vendors that, years later, create highly successful companies that thrive for many years or even end up being sold for astronomical amounts.

With the develop of age, ideas and opportunities arise, the trick is to wait for our opportunity but never passively. In the case of the youngest, the ideal is to combine the studies and invest in personal training through participation in various activities and extracurricular groups.

It is clear that it is vital to manage the time and get a sense plus responsibility, being aware that only with work can make us better professionals and build a project of life.

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