Sunday, July 6, 2014

Marine pollution causes damage of €9,5 billion per year

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Marine pollution caused by plastic particles dispersed in the oceans represents a financial loss of €9,5 billion per year ($ 28.6 billion), according to the document Valuing plastic, presented during the historic United Nations Environment Meeting.

The document covers marine pollution by plastics, above all the microplásticos were, and is more a warning about the dangerous plastic waste that sail by ocean currents and form islands floating in the oceans.

The study points out that the cost of natural capital in the use of plastic, each year is €55 billion ($ 165 billion). This account includes the impacts caused by the pollution of the seas, sea and other sources.

"The plastic plays a crucial role in modern life, but its environmental impacts cannot be ignored," explained or under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive director, Achim Steiner.

In addition to the financial losses, there are several other damage caused by plastic waste: death or diseases of marine animals, like turtles, damage to critical habitats, such as coral reefs, chemical contamination, dispersal of invasive species in plastic fragments, which causes losses to the fishing industry and tourism. Finally, there are several reports of animals that get stuck in the plastic, like whales and dolphins.

Read the full report of the study on Unep's website (opens PDF).

Foto: DanCentury / Creative Commons

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