Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Architects Iranians invent building with rotating divisions

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Tehran would be one of the last capitals where architectural innovation, we expected to see that that breaks barriers uncharted, but the truth is that the building Sharifi-Ha, in the Iranian capital, is very close to getting this done.

With five floors, the building has rotating rooms, creating new spaces and adapting to the seasons. According to the Studio of Iranian architecture Nextoffice, who developed the project, this mobile feature of the divisions is achieved with just a touch of a button â€" there are three rotating rooms: the breakfast room, the guest room and Office. The three corners can run looking for new spaces, views or light.

In fact, these divisions are nothing more than wooden boxes, views from the outside, with a rotating base. During the harsh winters of Tehran, they can close the building, keeping the House warm. In summer, however, they open to ventilate the House.

The House has two cellars, to the gym and other leisure facilities. On the ground floor is a garage, while the first and second floors is the space dedicated to conviviality: the main room. The two top floors House guest rooms, bathroom, Hall and a kitchen.

"The House adapts to functional needs of its occupants. The guest room can be reconfigured for different purposes ", explained a spokeswoman for Nextoffice. "With this innovation, it is possible to have different light scenarios and seasons".

The House is inspired, in fact, in traditional Iranian homes that have summer and winter rooms, depending on temperature differences of the time. Thus, these rotating divisions may be important to keep the House warm in winter and cool in summer, and not solely for marketing purposes and visibility.

The Sharifi-Ha was nominated for the World Architecture Festival, in 2014.

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