Thursday, August 21, 2014

The marketing agency dedicated to beekeeping

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The advertising and marketing agency Wolff Olins, founded in 1965 by Michael Wolff and Wally Olins, is one of the most known, award-winning and renowned creators of brands in the world â€" many of them in Portugal.

With offices in various parts of the planet, is in the main office in Central London, that the Agency has its most amazing creative creation â€" passed the redundancy: an Apiary. Yes, you read well, the Agency is dedicated to the creation of bees.

For many, this may be a hobby very tense, but the truth is that the Wolff Olins entered this world in May 2011 and, so far, don't have given bad. "People are always talking about bees, seeking new information. Many of them are concerned with nature and feel happy to see that these bees are in a safe environment, in the city centre, "he explained to The Drum the company's building manager, Stuart Robertson.

The bees feed from hanging baskets, trees and shrubs, and the kick-off of the project until it was given by one of the world's leading experts on the subject, the author Brian McCallum â€" who wrote the book "bees in the city". "It was a little annoying in the early days, have 20 or 30 thousand insects in our side, we knew, we could poke," explained Robertson.

However, the course given by McCallum and normalcy in the situation, as the days went by, eventually calming things down: "the bees are not snakes, they're not going to do anything. The only thing that worries them is making honey, "joked.

From a professional point of view, the bees also give a hand. According to Robertson, many employees of Wolff Olins took the opportunity to learn a new skill, while agency executives invite customers to visit their unusual pets.  And in Portugal, how many companies promote environmental sustainability and biodiversity in the workplace?

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