Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The 7 most beautiful protected forests in the world

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There are more and more urban areas and fewer and fewer forests. This statement is as unquestioned as worrisome. Still, and despite of the cement, the agricultural and livestock and produces deforestation RIP apace, there are still undiscovered forest OASIS.

Some of these sites are so unknown that put them here can be dangerous â€" who knows who's read and what are its objectives. See our gallery, also published in From the Grapevine, and learn about what the forests, more below.

1.Floresta national of Osceola, Florida, United States

Nearby Jacksonville, this pinewood is the ideal place for camping â€" and some people do-and thousands of people pass through here every year, just to enjoy the sights, ride a horse or take a boat tour. The forest is home to a large population of American alligators and black bears, so we must do it carefully.

2. National Park Bavarian Forest, Germany

Near the border with the Czech Republic, this forest receives 700 thousand visitors per year â€" are many. â€" and has several nearby mountains, some 1,500 meters above sea level. Many of the forests of Bavaria were cut when such practice was allowed in the region, but this was reassembled and, today, it is impossible to do so. Fortunately.

3. Floresta Yatir

Not imagine Israel as a country with an extensive vegetation, but the Yatir Forest, next to the Negev desert, is the largest planted forest in the country-with more than 2,800 hectares. The four million trees were planted in 1964 and have a very clear purpose: to prevent the desertification of the area, which once this close to being swallowed by the sands of the Negev.

4. Oulanka National Park, Finland

Situated between the remote regions of Ostrobothnia and Lapland, this park is close to the border with Russia and is the home of the Sami. The Park is very close to the Arctic Circle, and not its distance from civilization prevents it from being very visited.

5. Mendocino national forest, California

Mendocino is the only forest of California that is not connected to civilization by a road. Still, she is always full of visitors, whether hikers, mountaineers, cyclists or boat routes

6. Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan

This forest occupies the mountainous part of the island of Honshu and is a world heritage site. Many arrive the Shirakami to climb the mountain of 1,200 meters or view the waterfalls. Still, and except the roads used by mountaineers, the site doesn't have any path "andável".

7.Darien Gap, Panama

This dense rainforest is part of Pan American route, but is the only place that has no road â€" failed to build one. The forest is not accessible and is only visited by hikers and biologists. There are also indigenous peoples living in the center of the forest.

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Fotos: CrabTree13/Okedem/Willow/Geoff Gallice Wikimedia Commons/C.K. Tse/Creative Commons

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