Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The rhinoceros who survived the mutilation of his horn

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At the beginning of 2012, Thandi was one of three rhinos found without his characteristic Horn in Kariega reserve, South Africa, having been the only â€" the only because it is "a" rhino â€" which survived.

Once found, Thandi a reserve team held nine surgical operations to try to close the cavity with skin grafts â€" three veterinarians and a plastic surgeon were involved in the operation.

The recovery of Thandi has been a miracle, according to his doctors.

In December 2013, during one of the operations, the doctor William Fowlds added blood tests to measure hormonal fluctuations and, shortly after, the team realized that Thandi was pregnant.

Today, explains The Dodo, Thandi is close to the end time of gestation â€" we rhinos is among the 485 540 days â€" and the miracle of their survival will give rise to other: motherhood.

"Thandi recovery was long and painful. Their resilience and determination eventually instill a new determination in the team that saved and protected the brutal attack, "explains The Dodo.

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