Monday, June 30, 2014

The beauty of spiral staircases

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The stairs are probably one of the most unlikely photographic objects. But the spiral and helical stairs can be a pleasant surprise to the unsuspecting photographers. Obtained from the right perspective, simple steps can become in fantastic photos.

Lots of good pictures of stairs owe their beauty to the mesmerizing spiral shape of stairs. The spiral staircases are appreciated by the architects and designers by creating space and columns by dynamic shapes. Technically, most of these stairs are helical and spiral â€" not true spiral staircases must revolve around a central point, while the helical stairs turn a set distance from a central point.

Historical applications of spiral staircases are also interesting. Have you ever noticed that the spiral stairs of the castles and towers are almost always in a clockwise direction (from the point of view of who climbs)? The stairs were built this way so the soldiers who defended the castle could take advantage of the confrontation with the enemy in the case of the fight to get on the stairs, referred to Bored Panda. The invading soldiers (who climb the stairs) had no room to manoeuvre the swords (assuming that the majority was right-handed), while the soldiers who defend the castle had enough space to handle their weapons.

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